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Hello heartbreakers!

Welcome to Achey Breaky Heart Zine - a zine dedicated to the universally experienced emotion  - heartbreak. After a fairly traumatic breakup at the start of 2015 I wanted an outlet in which to explore this devastating and complex experience. I wanted to not only capture the array of emotions that transpire following a break up, but provide advice and anecdotes and essentially create a 'how to' guide to heartbreak. 

As a single woman in 2015 I was also interested in how this was reflected in everyday society. How single women were portrayed in the media in comparison to male peers, how this impacts our self esteem and how important it is that we take back the negative connotations associated with the word 'single'. That as women we are worth more than the relationships we may or may not have and that simply because a relationship ends - it does not make us failures. Our self-worth and overall attraction is in no correlation to our relationship status.

We are enough.

I hope you enjoy the read. I hope you relate, I hope you cry, I hope you laugh and overall I hope you feel inspired.

Thank you,

Achey B

INSTAGRAM: @acheybreakyheartzine